Sofas & Seating

The Grand Sofa

We discovered the Lithuania company Grafu Baldai who are behind this sofa in recent years and have built a good trading relationship with them reinforced by the fact that one of our sales team is from Alytus in south Lithuania.  The company take their sofas from start to finish, they manufacture their own frames and create their own designs in a very modern facility.

On one of our annual visits to our key annual trade event we were taken with this sofa due to its presence in a space and the softened edges on the arms give a comfortable appearance to the sofa. Our attraction grew when we sat on the sofa as the feel of the “sit” matched our expectations generated by the initial impressive appearance. To top it off there were optional headrests available which i very much appreciated as i look for head support on a sofa something that is often lacking on modern sofas today. All this along with the fact that the sofa came in many size arrangements and fabric colour choices convinced us this was a good product to offer to our customers.

The Grand was the first sofa that we took in from Grafu Baldai and we still run with it today as it has been tried and tested. We have since expanded our offering to include ten top models from this company.